Variety Pirates


You can have Strolling Pirate Musicians, Strolling Pirate Magician, Strolling Wenches, A Full Stage Show, Tattoo Pirates and more!

Actors...not just costumes.


When you book our pirates, you are getting real working actors....not just some folks in costumes.  Get professional performers and impress your guests!  It's not JUST pirate entertainment, it's educational!

Jack Sparrow Impersonator


Captain Jack is a GREAT addition to the Pirate Events.  He's got the swagger, the stagger, the accent and the humor of Johnny Depp's Captain Jack!



Our Pirates show up on time, in costume and in full character.   You'll never worry about our appearances.



The Vagabond Pirates are the most professional band of pirates to sail 6 of the 7 seas!

The Vagabond Pirates


No matter the event, our pirates will make you proud.  They are fun, funny and know how to help your guests/attendees have a great time!

Vagabond Pirates Band- The best in musical Pirate Entertainment

Enjoy the music and frivolity of The Vagabond Pirates Band.  Not only are they musicians, but they are great comedy actors willing to interact with your guests!